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Nordisk Film Games

We invest in Nordic game studios targeting global consumers.


our approach

We make equity investments in Nordic development studios. The Nordic gaming industry has had tremendous success for many years now. We want to help fuel this growth further! The ideal company for us to invest in has already published a couple of titles with some success, and now the founders want to take the studio to the next level. 

We have a slight preference for core games on PC and consoles, targeting (somewhat) serious gamers. Mobile games can also be interesting, but pure casual games are not for us. We do typically not invest in first-time startups. If you are an early-stage startup we recommend that you contact a relevant seed investor – but keep us in mind when you start growing.

Nordisk Film comes from a 110 year film-making heritage, and the Nordisk Film Games team includes experienced game creators, innovators, business developers and investors. We see our role as someone who can support and challenge the companies we invest in, with the aim of creating stronger and more successful game studios.

Typically we get a minority stake for our investment, i.e. less than 50 percent ownership. We want to empower the founders and ensure that they have control over their own destiny. We take a seat or two on the board of the companies we invest in. With our experience, we want to help with the strategic direction of each studio we finance.

We’re not a venture capital fund, and as such we’re not forced to exit our investments within a few years. Our agenda is aligned with the founders for the long run: BUILD GREAT GAMES AND SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES.




We have invested in Flashbulb Games - a Copenhagen-based studio pioneering the genre of construction-games.
Check out their unique and fun title, Trailmakers.


Avalanche Studios is one of the world's premiere developers of open-world games. Creators of Just Cause, Mad Max, and theHunter, they have many new exciting projects in the works... 


The gaming and game creation platform Kogama.com is operated by Danish studio Multiverse. Here you can join millions of users in fun browser-based 3D games. Try unleashing your creativity and create your own games.

Reto Moto logo.png

The team at Reto Moto is behind the wildly popular free-to-play shooter/strategy hybrid Heroes & Generals. Check it out and join millions of other players in this WW2 history-based game.


More on the way ...



We want to fund, and actively support, the creation of the most successful global game IPs created in the Nordics.




Managing Director


Mikkel is a highly experienced entrepreneur and manager. After many years with games and internet startups, he joined Nordisk Film in 2011 to help with new business development. Since 2016 he's heading up the games division.

Mikkel plays any game he can get his hands on, but most recently he's spent quality time hunting (virtual) deer and blowing-up cars.  


Senior Partner


Martin has twenty years experience building games and development studios. He is the founder of Massive Entertainment and Planeto, and co-founder of non-profit organizations Spelplan (the Association of Swedish Game Developers) and Game City.

Right now he's once again addicted to Hearthstone, but otherwise he loves to play all kinds of games. The latest game he finished was Playdead's Inside.


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E-MAIL: games@nordiskfilm.com 
PHONE:  +45- 3618 8200

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